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Validation Experiment Description

TRIO: Tell Your Resume

Written by Davide Calenda on donderdag 27 oktober 2011 15:03
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In Italy the innovation laboratory was organized and held in conjunction with Grundtvig mobility project "MyMobile- Education on the move " (2010-2012) through the collaboration with the Educational Technology Laboratory of the University of Florence, the Italian Grundtvig project partner.

The pilot case related to this validation experiment is TRIO  (Technology, Research, Innovation and Vocational Guidance), the official e-learning platform of the Tuscany Region.  TRIO is a public portal providing free access to a wide variety of contents and services, and offering learning opportunities to a large and heterogeneous audience at both a regional and national level.



The pilot consisted in the implementation of a short series of workshops, where a group of migrants and unemployed people learned how to promote themselves on the labour market producing, publishing and sharing their multimedia CV
The face to face meetings were organized with the support of one of the TRIO regional poles located in Novolab  the employment support centre hosted by the Novoli University Pole in Florence.

The pilot's site supported content distribution and communication. 


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