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3. Birncast - I have learned a lot
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5. Birncast: Producing Podcasts & Weblogs with Seniors
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"Birncast" in short The Austrian Partner "Salzburg Research" found a project with seniors in a local senior centre, where elderly people already meet regularly and learn together in a "computer club" ...
... in the neighbourhood. Expected Outcomes: After the project the participating seniors should be able to create high quality content, do the digital production and create online presence. ...
7. Sharing stories online challenging
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In the project there was a reluctance of seniors to share personal stories online.  ...
8. SeniorKom
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... for seniors due to the lake of offers and the limited attention which has been paid to this important group in terms of access and use, to enjoy free access to information, knowledge and know how in the ...
9. HiStory
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... when some particularities of the target group are taken into account. The project HiStory – Seniors tell about History - met these particularities by choosing a subject, the personally experienced history, ...