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In: V. Hornung-­Prähauser & M. Luckmann (Ed.), Die lernende Organisation. Vom Web-­2.0-­Solisten zur Web-­2.0-­Jazzband, Salzburg: Salzburg Research, S.57-­64.  ...
10. Birncast - They like my voice
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11. Birncast - Need for editorial support
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13. Birncast - I have learned a lot
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14. Birncast - We plan more podcasts!
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16. Birncast: Producing Podcasts & Weblogs with Seniors
(List of Validation Experiments)
"Birncast" in short The Austrian Partner "Salzburg Research" found a project with seniors in a local senior centre, where elderly people already meet regularly and learn together in a "computer club" ...
17. Austrian Links-up TV Spot 2
(Dissemination material)
18. Austrian Links-up TV Spot
(Dissemination material)
19. 3: Learning Dialogues
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... experiments. The first Learning Dialogues took place in June 2010 in the framework of the 2010 EDEN Annual Conference in Valencia, Spain and the EduMedia Conference in Salzburg, Austria. To read what ...
... di Firenze, Prato, Italy ( Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft, Salzburg, Austria ( European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN), Milton Keynes, United ...