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Learning Dialogue Webinar

Learning Dialogue Webinar

On 24 October 2011 at 11:00 CET the project partners and their local contacts offered this 1 hour long webinar to all practitioners with presentations downloadable in four languages (English, Deutsch, Nederlands, Italiano). During the webinar, participants could interact in oral as well as in written form with the help of 4 expert moderators in all four languages.

See the recorded Webinar here:Adobe Connect Webinar Room

For the technical and programme details,read the full description here.

At the Webinar the results of 2 years research withAustrian, English, Italian, Dutch and German local projects engaged on various fields of social inclusion were presented. This Webinar was also a ‘Learning Dialogue’ aiming to bring together stakeholders to review and debate the results. It covers the policy and practice map of the project; a summary analysis of 24 case study examples of the use of Web 2.0 to support ‘inclusive learning’, and the evaluation of six ‘action research’ experiments, which applied what was learned during the project.

Webinar Presentations for download

English: "Learning 2.0 for an Inclusive Society"

Deutsch: "Lernen 2.0 für eine inklusive Wissensgesellschaft"

Italiano: "Learning 2.0 per una Societá Inclusiva della Conoscenza"

Nederlands: "Learning 2.0 for an Inclusive Society"

Final Conference: Learning 2.0 for Social Inclusion and Entrepreneurship


The Links-up Final Conference and FREE International Seminar on Facebook

The closing events of two outstanding EU funded projects were organised in Budapest on 22-23 September. The Closing event offered highly valuable research findings, products and services developed over their 2 years of lifetime. Both the Links-up (Learning 2.0 for an Inclusive Knowledge Society - Understanding the Picture) and the FREE (Fostering Return to Employment through Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity) projects will be finishing shortly. You can find out more on the programme of the Conference and useful informationhere. 

Presentations are now available at our Slideshare account

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slideshare See Slidesharewith latest presentationsInnovative use of Web 2.0 for an inclusive life-long learning

The project is featured on elearningeuropa.infohere.

See5 Expert Testimonial Videoswith Steve Wheeler, Ingeborg Boe, Maruja Gutierrez-Diaz, Graham Attwell and Roni Aviram on the main researchquestions of the project!
See the TV Spots on Austrian projects involved in Links-up onYoutube(in German).

Answer three questions related to your experiences in how web 2.0 work in a learning setting for disatvantages people viaour online survey

The Project

Links-up is research project about how ‘Web 2.0’ technologies – e.g. social networking software – are changing the face of education and training for disadvantaged people. The project puts together a picture of the ‘landscape’ of ‘Learning 2.0 for Inclusion’ by reviewing what has been done in the academic and research field, and by practitioners working on the ground in projects that have been using Web 2.0 to work with disadvantaged groups. It uses a series of ‘action research’ experiments, collaborating with ‘host’ projects working in the field, to evaluate the added contribution Web 2.0 can make to practices that use learning to support social inclusion.

Information about Links-up in Dutch, German and Italian is available at the e-Library of the project.

Links-up Workshops

Links-up organised its Final Conference in September 2011 (seedetails here), and will be present ateChallenges 2011 on 26 October 2011 inSession 4fat 16:00. Join us to share experiences face-to-face!

The last Links-up Workshop took place at the EDEN Annual Conference 2011, Dublin, Ireland on 22 June with the title "Social Software for Social Inclusion: Successes or Failures?". We reflected on policy, conceptual & practice landscape, problems encountered and lessons learnt, and reports from the ground. Here's ashort videodocumenting the athmosphere. You can find out more on the programme of the Conference and useful informationhere.


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Links-up Workshop at the EDEN Annual Conference 2011, Dublin, Ireland


Social Software for Social Inclusion: Successes or Failures?