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Written by Martijn Hartog on dinsdag 26 oktober 2010 13:40
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Cyberhus is a Danish 100% non-profit organization located in Aarhus. Cyberhus was founded in 2004 as a partner charity under the youth charity, Ungdommens Vel ('Youth Welfare') and is today staffed by more than 70 people - mainly volunteers. Cyberhus is a virtual house or club that offers online counselling for vulnerable children and teens. Counselling is undertaken mainly by volunteer chat-counsellors, all with relevant educational backgrounds, such as teachers, pedagogues, social workers and psychology students. In December 2008 Cyberhus was ranked among the 5 best European websites for marginalized young people (E-inclusion). From September onwards Cyberhus has been chosen as the Danish helpline in the European network INSAFE.

Cyberhus is organized within the 100-year-old national association Ungdommens Vel ('Youth Welfare'), which run youth shelters, children's homes, institutions for at-risk children, therapy groups, youth hostels and continuation schools throughout Denmark:

96% of Cyberhus’ users are children and teens aged between 9 and 18. They have more then 9000 unique visitors every month. From the starting period in 2004 there were 4421 online one on one chats consultations / sessions.


Country Denmark
Coverage local
Number of users 1000-5000
Project website
Status pilot
Context & focus Non profit organisation that provides a save online club environment for kids and teens including counselling by volunteers
Issue & target group addressed Meaningful leisure activities and counselling for kids and teens “at risk”
Web 2.0 supported intervention and intended impact Provide a save online environment where kids and teens can connect, learn together and get support by skilled counsellors in critical situations
Web 2.0 technologies used Several tools such as Weblogs discussion forum, Q&A, instant messaging clients and others, implemented on Drupal
Main problems encountered Good online counselling (e.g. on how to face problems in school) required better and different interaction tools.
Lessons learned / advice Implementation of a flexible platform and tool set allowed enriching the interaction with the youngsters.

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