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Better Projects .... Better Policies

The Links-up Dialogue allows policy makers to immediately see actual experiences collected throughout Europe that underpin their policy. It provides practitioners and professionals with the opportunity to contribute directly and visibly to current policy developments.

How does it work?

'Experiences' allows participants in Learning 2.0 projects throughout Europe to add their individual experience what works and what doesn't work on the ground. Often local, personal and not immediately comparable, this diversity of experiences provides a rich resource for further reflection.

'Observations' are contributions in which professionals in different countries combine the experiences into general trends by recognizing recurring patterns in the local contexts, each with their own customs, developments and regulations.

'Reflections' asks professionals to analyse·experiences·and·observations·and provide context and reasoning to describe why these things may happen and what possible solutions might be.

'Policy Advice' are contributions by professionals and policy makers that outline possible policy advice to counteract negative effects or to stimulate positive experiences.