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3rd Newsletter September 2011

on woensdag 07 september 2011 18:58
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Headlines from the Links-up Newsletter

The Links-up Final Conference

Entitled “Web 2.0 for Social Inclusion: Bridging Practices and Policies” will be organised on 22 September 2011 in Budapest, Hungary. The event is co-organised by the FREE project partnership and is for free (all participants requested to pre-register by 16 September). To read more on the aims, topics, programme, keynote speakers, hotel booking, please download the Newsletter.

Five Outstanding Experts Interviewed on Learning 2.0

Video Interviews with outstanding learning experts have were interviewed during the International Learning Dialogue organised at the 2011 EDEN Annual Conference in Dublin on three key research questions related to the project.


Report on the latest Learning Dialogue with video. Salzburgresearch describes their success story with Zentrum Walser Birnbaum.

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