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9. Birncast - They like my voice
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10. Birncast - Need for editorial support
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11. Birncast - We plan more podcasts!
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13. Birncast: Producing Podcasts & Weblogs with Seniors
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"Birncast" in short The Austrian Partner "Salzburg Research" found a project with seniors in a local senior centre, where elderly people already meet regularly and learn together in a "computer club" ...
... in the Hood: Senior citizen journalists: community eyes and ears” Pilot Summary Descriptor Details Author/institution: The Hague University of Applied Sciences Name ...
15. SeniorKom
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... for seniors due to the lake of offers and the limited attention which has been paid to this important group in terms of access and use, to enjoy free access to information, knowledge and know how in the ...
16. HiStory
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Learning processes of senior citzens are of high priority in the framework of the ageing society in Europe. Psychological and pedagogical findings show that learning in higher ages is possible and worthwile ...
17. In memoriam
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With our deepest sympathy the Links-Up partners wish to dedicate this project to a wonderful colleague and friend. In memoriam Else Rose Kuiper 26 March 1958 – 2 November 2011 Senior Researcher ...