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This is a short video summary of samples from the multimedia resumes produced by the Tell Your Resume Workshop participants.  ...
3. Tell Your Resume Video Summary
(List of Experiences)
4. Tell Your Resume workshop
(List of Experiences)
This video documents the different phases of "Tell Your Resume" workshop series.   ...
5. Divide in digital media literacy
(List of Observations)
... (video recording, pictures taking, messaging etc.). Computers and Web 2.0 applications use was, instead, less common in our target group unless for specific applications used for the specific purpose of ...
6. Oasis Academy: Future Now!
(List of Validation Experiments)
... TV station. The activities involved: introduction to filming, online animation, video editing, using media sharing sites and embedding clips from YouTube and Vimeo. The ICT tools used were iMovie, GoAnimate!, ...
7. Nettilukio &
(List of Validation Experiments)
...  maps (Picasa, Google Maps) Video streaming (Bambuser and YouTube) Tumblr-blog Twitter (microblg) Social bookmarking (Diigo) Virtual learning environments Wiki Implementation ...
... keynote speakers, hotel booking, please download the Newsletter. Five Outstanding Experts Interviewed on Learning 2.0 Video Interviews with outstanding learning experts have  ...
9. Expert Testimonials - Roni Aviram
(Expert testimonials)
11. Expert Testimonials - Graham Attwell
(Expert testimonials)
12. Expert Testimonials - Ingeborg Boe
(Expert testimonials)
13. Expert Testimonials - Steve Wheeler
(Expert testimonials)
... out that in 2007 their 'customers' were asking for more than just windows, internet and word training. they wanted photo and video editing, and courses on how to write. Main obstacles for the different ...
15. Austrian Links-up TV Spot 2
(Dissemination material)
16. Austrian Links-up TV Spot
(Dissemination material)
17. Xenoclipse
(List of Cases)
The empowerment of minorities and migrants as media agents is a key issue since these groups have been rarely actively involved in the process of representation in the mainstream media. In the global ...
18. Savvy Chavvy
(List of Cases)
According to the GRTHM, there are approximately 300,000 Gypsies, Roma and Travellers in the UK and the population has been established for over 500 years. The Children’s Society reports that nearly 90% ...
19. Mosep
(List of Cases)
“Young learners, between the age of 14 and 16, find themselves at transition points in their lives at which they have to choose between going into upper secondary education or entering vocational training. ...
20. HiStory
(List of Cases)
... such as pictures, audio and video files. The methodological approach of the project was a narrative one and combined the approaches of Oral History, Biographical research and storytelling. Senior citizens ...