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Links-up Final Conference and FREE International Seminar


The closing events of two outstanding EU funded projects took place on the 22-23 September in Budapest. The Links-up final event as well as the FREE closing conference offered their audiences highly valuable research findings, products and services developed over their 2 years of lifetime. Both the Links-up (Learning 2.0 for an Inclusive Knowledge Society - Understanding the Picture) and the FREE (Fostering Return to Employment through Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity) projects are co-funded by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme and will be finishing shortly after this jointly organised conference.

Web 2.0 for Social Inclusion

The Links-up Final Conference, titled “Web 2.0 for Social Inclusion: Bridging Practices and Policies” was organised on 22 September 2011 (Thursday) 09:00-18:00 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, in Building A (20-22 Egry J. Street, H-1111 Budapest, Hungary).

This Conference drew a picture of the ‘landscape’ of ‘Learning 2.0 for Inclusion’ by reviewing what has been done in the academic and research field, and what has been achieved by practitioners working on the ground in projects that have been using Web 2.0 to work with disadvantaged groups. Links-up also reported on a series of ‘action research experiments’, collaborating with ‘live pilot’ projects working in the field, to evaluate the added contribution Web 2.0 can make to practices that use learning to support social inclusion. Links-up, therefore, contributes to build a grounded as well as integrated evidence base in the field of Web 2.0, Learning 2.0 and Inclusion 2.0 in order to formulate realistic and feasible recommendations for future political actions and practical interventions.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity

The FREE International Seminar was held the next day, on 23 September 2011 (Friday) 09:00-17:00 at the same venue in the ground floor conference room.

The FREE International Seminar offered in its programme a workshop where participants had an opportunity to carry out in depth exploration of the features and contents of the FREE Interactive Tool, developed for the benefit of counsellors, tutors, trainers and other professionals working with unemployed people interested in starting a business. This experimentation was facilitated by the members of the project partnership. In a following round table discussion exchange of opinion and experiences with colleagues was organised.

 Synergies and practicalities

The two projects joined forces in offering specifically dedicated sessions, where participants were introduced to other projects and initiatives that have similar focus to that of the FREE and Links-up. The participation at both events was free of charge, with pre-registration.

Presentations will be soon available

We created a short guide with practical details on the conference venue. Download the PDF file here.

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