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Totaal: 5 resultaten gevonden.

This is a short video summary of samples from the multimedia resumes produced by the Tell Your Resume Workshop participants.  ...
3. Oasis Academy: Future Now!
(List of Validation Experiments)
1. Background to the pilot The London pilot can be seen not only as a case study on how Web 2.0 tools and approaches can be used to add value to existing initiatives aimed at supporting excluded or at ...
4. TRIO: Tell Your Resume
(List of Validation Experiments)
... people learned how to promote themselves on the labour market producing, publishing and sharing their multimedia CV.  The face to face meetings were organized with the support of one of the TRIO ...
5. HiStory
(List of Cases)
... which is highly relevant and motivating to the target group of seniors, and by integrating the subject into an easy-tohandle weblog learning environment with the potential of integrating multimedia elements ...