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2. Birncast: Producing Podcasts & Weblogs with Seniors
(List of Validation Experiments)
... (story telling, audio recording, editing, publication,... ) we will address different target groups within the Seniorclub in order to make sure that the project can be continued without external guidance. ...
3. Oasis Academy: Future Now!
(List of Validation Experiments)
... effects for film), recording techniques and audio editing. The ICT tools used were Audacity, Logic, Ableton, Soundcloud, Zoom recorders, Module 2: Film and animation. The aim was to create an online ...
4. HiStory
(List of Cases)
... such as pictures, audio and video files. The methodological approach of the project was a narrative one and combined the approaches of Oral History, Biographical research and storytelling. Senior citizens ...
5. 4: Learning 2.0 Innovation Laboratory
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... and use video and audio to develop content. The platform and tools develop iteratively feeding off the results of the case studies firstly, and then the ongoing results of the action research pilots (see ...